We are very happy to announce that we’ll be hosting the second edition of XpUp, a fun tournament meant to gain and pass around that precious experience. This on the 17th and 18th of August.

But why XpUp? Well we wanted to create a tournament where you can play alongside anyone of your team. Man or woman, rookie or ultimate veteran. We invite you all. And we’ll divide each player into a category of experience, from here on out referred to as “Level”.

XpUp is a 5vs5 with a max level of 15 combined. With this format we hope to give the opportunity to let players with little experience play together with more experienced players of your club. We won’t exclude a single soul and hope to get as much female as male players, though it will be an open tournament.

For example: Team A has 5 players on the pitch ready to pull (2 players of ‘lvl 1’, 2 players of ‘lvl 3’ and 1 player of ‘lvl 5’) and team B ready to attack with 5 players (1 player of ‘lvl 1’, 3 players of ‘lvl 2’ and 1 player of ‘lvl 5’). So team A has a combined lvl 13 against team B with a combined lvl 12.

The tournament will be a round-robin tournament, so you’ll have the chance to get to play against everyone. And at the end of the tournament we will finish with a secret game. The teams who were here last year enjoyed that very much, but it will be a little different again this year!

The only fee will be a playerfee of €55 which will include a welcome-drink on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday plus of course an awesome player gift and the lvl-gadget. It is possible to camp on site on friday and saturday evening. Bring your own tent and don’t miss out on any of the fun!The theme of the awesome party on Saturday night will be: “Fluo ‘90s”.

What if you can only make it 1 day?

Well then we’ll ask €35 on Saturday (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) and €25 for Sunday (Breakfast and lunch).
For non-playing guests we’ll give out more info soon.